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DIY Orbit Key Organizer

The amazing thing about leather is that you can create almost anything you want. With just basic leather craft knowledge, you can make things that will not only look great but be extremely functional. The video above is a perfect example of this!

Here is a great video that teaches you how to make a very elegant and stylish leather key organizer. This DIY Orbit Key is a great way to silence your noisy and jingly keys while looking great at the same time.

Please take a look at The Polished Gent’s YouTube channel for more great videos!

What You Need:

Measure and Cut

The first thing you will want to do is cut your leather to the correct size. The video recommends to cut your leather to about 6.5 inches but you should experiment with different lengths depending on the keys that you have.

I personally prefer to cut my key organizer from leather sheets (eBay) but using strips can simplify things for you. When I cut from leather sheets, I try to keep the width slightly under 1 inch. You can use some heavy duty scissors or utility knife to cut your leather to size.

Bevel and Burnish

If you want to get a very professional looking product, beveling and burnishing your edges will do the trick. I have another article that discusses this topic more in depth.

Simply take your edge beveler and run it down both front and back edges of your leather. Beveling your edges will round and smooth out any hard angles that your leather may have.

Burnishing your edges will come after beveling. This will give your edge a slick and finished feel. You can use a tool made specifically for burnishing but any hard smooth object can be used as an alternative.

Applying Leather Dye

Many people like the natural veg tan leather appearance but some of you may want to dye your leather. There are many different dyes available but the one used in the video is Eco Flo Leather Dye.

Personally whenever I dye leather, I prefer to use Fiebings Profession Leather Dye. Either will work and give you the color you are looking for.

It is definitely recommended to use drop clothes and gloves when using dye. Leather dye can definitely stain your hands and everything around you.

Time to Assemble

The amount of keys you plan to carry will determine what size binding post you will need. The video demonstrated the use of a 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch post. I personally carry three keys and decided to use a 3/4 inch post.

The O-rings are placed in between the each key to provide smooth operation.

Final Thoughts

This DIY Orbit Key is a great beginner leather project that does not require a lot of skill or tools.

You really start to appreciate leather crafting after completing your first leather project. These leather key organizers really do look great and also make perfect gifts for family and friends.

There should be plenty of leather leftover so make a few more or find something else to make. I am sure you will have a great time doing so.



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