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DIY Natural Beeswax Leather Finish

  Selecting the proper leather finish is an essential decision you must make. You will get a lot of different opinions but ultimately you will have the final say. There are many options out there that can over-whelm a beginner leather crafter. Options include natural finishes, acrylic finishes, matte finishes, …

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How to Finish Leather Edges

Leathercraft is a great skill to learn and allows you to create so many fun leather projects. However, what can separate an amateur product from one that looks ultra-professional? Well to be honest, there are many tell-tale signs of an amateur leather crafter but taking time to finish your leather …

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How to Choose Leather Thickness

When I started looking to buy leather, one of the most confusing aspects I ran into was figuring out how thick I needed the leather piece to be. To make things worse, most leather vendors sell their leather with an ounce rating (ie. 4-5 oz, 6-7 oz, and 8-9oz). I …

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