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DIY Natural Beeswax Leather Finish

  Selecting the proper leather finish is an essential decision you must make. You will get a lot of different opinions but ultimately you will have the final say. There are many options out there that can over-whelm a beginner leather crafter. Options include natural finishes, acrylic finishes, matte finishes, …

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DIY Orbit Key Organizer

The amazing thing about leather is that you can create almost anything you want. With just basic leather craft knowledge, you can make things that will not only look great but be extremely functional. The video above is a perfect example of this! Here is a great video that teaches you …

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How to Hand Stitch Leather

When it comes to quality leather goods, hand stitching is hard to beat. As a beginner it can seem intimidating but it’s actually a lot easier than you may think. There are several hand sewing techniques but probably the most common form is called “Saddle Stitch”. There are several great …

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How to Finish Leather Edges

Leathercraft is a great skill to learn and allows you to create so many fun leather projects. However, what can separate an amateur product from one that looks ultra-professional? Well to be honest, there are many tell-tale signs of an amateur leather crafter but taking time to finish your leather …

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How to Choose Leather Thickness

When I started looking to buy leather, one of the most confusing aspects I ran into was figuring out how thick I needed the leather piece to be. To make things worse, most leather vendors sell their leather with an ounce rating (ie. 4-5 oz, 6-7 oz, and 8-9oz). I …

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